Can you cut LED strip lights? How to ​​connect a flexible led strip?

Can you cut LED strip lights?

LED wires are no longer strange in modern life. The product is widely used in decorative lighting. You can easily come across LED string lights at showroom shelves, shops, cafes, supermarkets, entertainment centers, apartments, etc. Can you cut LED strip lights? is a common question when decorating spaces with this light type Whether you are … Read more

Common Problems With Lights – 8 How To Repair A Table Lamp

Common Problems With Lights - 8 How To Repair A Table Lamp

Table lamps are lighting devices that make learning and working much more efficient. Table lamps have many designs, designs, and effective lighting technology. Fix the table lamp, it’s like renovating a craft you love. What’s more wonderful when you can save, upgrade the old lamp with a new look. Today, LaoKoon will join you in … Read more

Best clip on lamps: Top 7 Ideal Choices for Limited Spaces

Best clip on lamps

The most excellent clip-on lamps should be able to work with your space’s individual needs and appear sleek and attractive. If you’re working at a desk all day, for example, a lamp with adjustable brightness and color temperature can help you see clearly and comfortably throughout the day.  Some of these lights are rechargeable and … Read more

6 Common Problems With LED Lighting & How To Fix Them

6 Common Problems With LED Lighting & How To Fix Them

LED light is an ideal lighting solution for the modern world with many outstanding advantages and an incredible lifespan of up to 50000 hours. However, nothing is completely perfect. In the process of using, besides the benefits, sometimes the LEDs can also encounter some troubles. If you are wondering about 6 common problems with LED … Read more

Choosing and buying lights with the best lighting for low sloped ceiling

Best Lighting for low sloped ceiling

How to use lights for the best light is also a matter of concern for many families. Low or high ceilings, large or narrow spaces all need a suitable choice. This article will share with you the experiences of choosing and buying lights with the best lighting for low sloped ceiling. How to buy quality … Read more

Top 8 Best Floor Lamps For Home Office [Expert Choice 2022]

Best Floor Lamps For Home Office

Online working from home is becoming more and more popular in the era of globalization. In particular, this is an effective and most suitable working solution for most businesses during the Covid 19 global pandemic. Therefore, designing a home office to serve work. become the top concern of many people, especially the problem of working … Read more

3528 vs 5050 vs 5630 LED: All need to know [Updated knowledge]

3528 vs 5050 vs 5630 LED

LED strips are considered the most convenient and efficient way to light up your space. Not only are they flexible in terms of lighting, but they are also much more energy-efficient than traditional lights such as incandescent or fluorescents. Moreover, LED strips are also expected to be a future lighting solution due to emitting much … Read more

RGB vs RGBIC LED Strip Lights: Main Difference & Application


What exactly is RGBIC? What’s the difference between RGB and RGBIC? What’s the better option? We’ll answer all of your questions about RGB lights and what RGBIC is today. As RGB technology advances, it’s becoming increasingly crucial for everyone to understand the distinctions in their buying products. So, for today’s talk, we’ll look at the … Read more

Best Natural Light Desk Lamp: Top 8 Best Choices For Office

Best Natural Light Desk Lamp: Top 8 Best Choices For Office

Natural light is an indispensable light source for all living things. However, people cannot take advantage of natural light at all times to illuminate. That’s why lamps for natural light were invented. Today, lamps for natural light are very popular, especially in offices because of their outstanding advantages in lighting as well as improving labor … Read more

How to Wire Light Fixture and Switch – Sharing Experts

How to Wire Light Fixture and Switch

Nowadays, households are oriented towards convenience and usefulness for their home, and how to control the lights in the house is a must. In this article, we will help you learn more about wiring and switching, civil circuits for a home so you can optimize your space. Some notes when connecting electrical circuits For multi-story … Read more

Best LED Lighting For Makeup: Top 6 Best Highly-Recommended


We don’t have to be professional makeup artists to understand the importance of the Best LED lighting for makeup. Choosing the wrong light source for the dressing table will make you look completely unfamiliar when stepping out into the real light outside. Have you ever been in a situation where you were so confident starting … Read more

Warm White vs Cool White: Which is the better choice?

Warm White vs Cool White

Are you perplexed when you see the words “warm white” or “cool white” on an LED light? Perhaps you’re remodeling your home and wondering whether warm white or cool white is better for your kitchen, what’s the difference between warm white vs cool white? Maybe you’re not sure what color temperature is best for a … Read more

Best LED Grow Light For 3×3 Tent: Top 6 Expert Choice 2022

Best LED Grow Light For 3x3 Tent

The COVID-19 pandemic suddenly appeared in the beginning of the 2020 billions of people around the world to stay at home for social distancing. At home, many people have found new hobbies such as reading books, cooking, exercising…; and one of them is planting.  To start with growing, planting two or three small plants in … Read more

4-Inch Vs 6-Inch Recessed Lighting: What’s The Better Choice?

4-Inch Vs 6-Inch Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is used in modern homes and is fitted in hollows in walls or ceilings. Recessed lighting is noteworthy in that it has a wide range of uses. It’s excellent for brightening up your home, showcasing your unique decorations, or just producing uniform lighting at home. Most homes can benefit from 6-inch lights, while … Read more

Best Modern Contemporary Table Lamps: Top 9 Expert Choices 2022

Modern Contemporary Table Lamps

The great table light may appear like a less extravagant option in a world overwhelmed by amazing ceiling fixtures, unbelievably inventive pendant lamps, and splendid floor lamps. However, don’t underrate the value of a table lamp that is tough and rich. The best modern contemporary table lamp will add color, contrast, texture and, obviously, lighting … Read more

Top 7 Best Cheap Grow Lights 2022 [Top Highly-Recommended]

Best Cheap Grow Lights 2022

With regards to putting shrewdly in your indoor grow lights, nothing can beat the most supportable choice – LED Grow Lights. LEDs are not only incredible for the strength of your indoor plants yet, in addition, give your nursery or an indoor grow a totally lively glance at a practical cost.  In any case, with … Read more

D65 Light Bulb: Definition, Importance and Requirement for It

D65 Light Bulb

What is white? An apparently basic inquiry can have many responses, contingent upon who you inquire. What’s more, for some applications, the specific definition can have huge results. White, an innately sure color, is related to purity, virginity, innocence, light, goodness, heaven, safety, brilliance, illumination, understanding, cleanliness, faith, beginnings, sterility, spirituality, possibility, humility, sincerity, protection, … Read more

How Long Do LED Lights Last? 4 Important Factors Affect LED Lifespan

How Long Do LED Lights Last?

LED lifespan is always one of the most important factors that determine the quality of LED lights. Therefore, when choosing LED lighting, users should not ignore this parameter. So, how long do led lights last? This question will be answered through this article! ​​What are LED lights? LED (short for Light Emitting Diode) is capable … Read more