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About Us

Laokoon is a compilation of the unconventional strength of assorted colours, textile, thread, and structure. It is a fabric art that continuously breaks away from the austere, incessantly discovering and probing new organic forms and structures. Laokoon Company was founded in 2011 to promote this unique form of structured fabric.

The possibilities implied in it first materialized in spectacular lamp collections.

The first prototype of their multi-staged development made its debut at the 2013 Blickfang trade fair, followed by regular participations with the latest collections at London Design Week, Shanghai 100% Design, Milano Euroluce and Downtown Design at Dubai Design Week.

This absolutely outstanding, innovative, and transformable form, uniting art & material was invented by Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly. While Laokoon moving structures currently materialized in the form of designer lamps and wall panels, the possibilities implemented in it are endless. Exactly this is what makes us continuously search for new ideas, state-of-the-art applications, and yet empty areas of employment of this technique. Our lighting and wallcovering collections are the perfect addition to inspirational interiors, from contemporary to classic.


  • 2012 LICC London Creative Competition finalists
  • 2013 Blickfang Gold Prize
  • 2013 100% Design London Special Award by Mix Magazine
  • 2016 Harper’s Bazaar Interiors Awards: shortlisted for “Best Emerging Designer”

In 2012 Laokoon Lamp received a capital investment from X-Ventures Venture Capital Fund Management Ltd., a branch of NV Group dealing with venture capital investments.

Fabric Art of Structure & Material

A mythical creature with a waving body and serpent-like forms, with its perfectly flexible skin following movement and yet being a perfectly adaptable shell… Laokoon structural fabric brings forth in us associations from our deepest unconscious, memories from prehistoric times, and of the long-forgotten living organisms of evolution.

This absolutely outstanding, innovative, and transformable form, uniting art & material was invented by Zsuzsanna Szentirmai-Joly.

Laokoon is a moving structure, it’s lamellae can be made of paper, leather, metal, wood, cork, many kinds of plastic, etc. The main criteria regarding this matchless material are that it should have a certain strength and at the same time certain flexibility. Structure made of it is always a rectangle, but as the series of lamellae can slide on each other, they can be arranged in a fan-like or a 3D round form – or even be turned out. This makes possible the creation of 3D forms without cutting – and these are suitable for the making of open-and-fold objects, covers, or partitions.

Because of the special linking technique, Laokoon must be produced in a taylor-made form, but as it is free moving (what is the main point in the structure), it is possible to keep the shaped form by fixing it.


We have been working with Laokoon for the past three years and sufficient time has passed for us to realise that it can never be truly grasped. In it we discovered a creative and unrestrained partner. We witnessed it’s organic development, it’s quest, that brings closer the designer, the textile and the client.

This process is induced by an exclusively delegated designer team for each project. They are those who through their daily contact already experienced the textile’s needs and tempers, who with minimal compromise are able to adjust the final masterpiece to a given technical fittingness.


You can view the catalogue of our new lamp collection and wallcoverings here. If you wish to know more about us or our new collections, feel free to view or download the brochure, which includes all information and technical data; available colors, materials, and the exact sizes of the lamps and wallcoverings.


#1. Lighting Design

The very first product made of Laokoon structured fabric was a lamp, Enzo. This concept lamp can be shaped in a sculpting-like way, and has won several prizes. Evolving from Enzo lamp, we have develomped three different kinds of lamp families, based on different characteritics of this unique material. Babel has a classic rectangular shade. Medusa is recalling the movement of a medusa, and with its changeable shape Drop imitating a rating drop…

Shades of these lamps are translucent and special prismatic or iridescent surfaces interact with light.

However, if you have an idea of an own variation of any of these models, we are open to cooperation and thus the development and production of a new model. Please don’t hesitate to register and contact us.

Find more on the variety of lamps and the specifications of each HERE.

#2. Art and Installations

Strength and flexibility mean that Laokoon structured material, which moves easily between art and design, is absolutely ideal for art installations. We are open to cooperation with designers and interior designers to join our forces and create streamlined, floating, open or closed, curved or rectangular, or any other kind of form.

Laokoon structured material was already displayed as a spectacular art installation on a London Design exhibition.

Should you be interested in such a cooperation, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form!

#3. Interior Design Service

Laokoon offers a Comprehensive Interior Design Service to help you bring the most out of our products. Whether you are designing your own home or you are a professional working on large-scale projects our interior designers are at your service.

Gallery Wall Inspirations

Laokoon Wallcoverings are unique implements to emphasize the characteristics and special atmosphere of an interior, let it be classic, minimal, or luxurious. This selection of examples showcases the way how this spectacular structured material is able to become the focal point of the room. The wide selection of applications, from private residences to hotel ambiance demonstrates that our wall coverings are suitable for all possible genres of interior design.

Gallery Some Projects We Love

Laokoon Products are showcasing all the possibilities offered by our unique structured material. They are definitely amongst the fundamental elements of the interior setup. The following images are our favourite examples of the use of Medusa, Babel and Drop lamps.