24V vs 12V LED Strip: Pros & Cons and Common Application

12V, 24V LED strips are common forms of general LED string lights with only a few differences. They are now widely used in life because of their high applicability. These types of LED are also very popular in the market. Join us to learn about the 24V vs 12V LED Strip to see why it is so popular.

LED Bulb Concept?

LED Bulb is a lighting device with modern LED technology. In which, “LED” stands for the English phrase Light – Emitting – Diode, which means light-emitting diode. These diodes are contained in the semiconductor chip and the electrons in the chip will operate when a power source flows through. They move and collide with each other. The electrons will fill the void and produce light radiation, which helps the lampwork.

What is the 12V and 24V LED string light source?

What is the 12V and 24V LED string light source
What is the 12V and 24V LED string light source?

The 12V LED source, also known as the 12V LED string light source, uses a 12V DC power source and while the mains is a 220V AC power source. The effect of this LED is to convert from 220V AC power to 12V DC power to supply devices using 220V power, especially 12V LED string lights. With a compact shape and almost the same as a power adapter for a laptop computer, the 12V LED light makes a strong impression because it can install many eye-catching lights according to the matrix installation electrical panel.

12V LED string lights are divided into several segments, a segment of 3 LEDs is mounted on a soft printed circuit board, with a length of about 5m per roll. Each coil of LED string lights has one end connected to the power supply. This lamp is made of flexible plastic, so it can be bent at will, the back is double-sided adhesive, which is very convenient for safe installation and gluing.

In particular, every three LED eyes have a position to cut, to adjust the short length at will. The cutting positions are all marked on the LED reel. You can easily identify and use pliers or scissors to cut conveniently.

Similarly, a 24V LED source also uses a 24V DC power supply. 12V, 24V LED string lights to come in all colors: white, yellow, blue, green, red, and have RGB to adjust the color lighting effect.

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24V vs 12V LED Strip: Advantages

24V vs 12V LED Strip Advantages
24V vs 12V LED Strip Advantages

A lamp that is small, but has many advantages. Let’s take a look at a few highlights.

#1. First advantage

The 12V and 24V LED strip lights can save energy up to 80% compared to other lamps. Moreover, the operating time of this light is up to 30,000 hours.

#2. Second advantage

The light of this lamp is a plus point for 12V and 24V LED string lights to win the hearts of fastidious customers. With many sharp, outstanding, and luxurious colors, when illuminated, the surrounding colors feel very real. Especially they do not cause heat or glare, creating a comfortable feeling for users.

#3. Third advantage

LED strip lights are very safe for users and environmentally friendly. The outside of the ball is covered with a layer of silicon plastic, so it is resistant to water and impact.

On the other hand, when illuminated, the temperature radiated to the outside is quite low and does not cause burns to the hands. You can use them to decorate without fear of fire or damage to bonsai or other items.

#4. Absolute safety

12V or 24V is a safe voltage on many fronts.

With this voltage level, you will not feel the current at all when you accidentally touch it. At the same time, it is very difficult to have an electrical short or a discharge between two electrodes at a close distance – the leading cause of short-circuiting.

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24V vs 12V LED Strip: Disadvantages

24V vs 12V LED Strip Disadvantages
24V vs 12V LED Strip Disadvantages

In parallel with the above advantages, 12V and 24V LED lights also have the following weaknesses:

#1. If you run continuously for a length of >10m, the brightness at the end of the wire is weak

Since power is dissipated across the conductor, the voltage drop is proportional to the length of the wire and inversely proportional to the voltage. This leads to, if a piece of 12V LED wire is too long, the voltage at the end of the wire is reduced, making the ends of the wireless bright.

If you want to light for a long-distance, you need to divide the LED strip into segments up to 10m long, each segment needs to be connected directly to the power supply to ensure uniform lighting.

For 24V string LEDs, it is possible to run a long piece of wire continuously than 12V string LEDs, so in many cases, 24V string LEDs have an advantage over 12V string LEDs.

If using 220V LED wire, you can light a continuous segment up to 50m long.

#2. Power supply cost is higher than 220VAC LED Strip power supply

The 12V, 24V LED string light source has the function of converting voltage from 220VAC to 12VDC or 24VDC. The structure of the power supply is quite complicated and the cost to buy the power supply is much higher than the power supply of the 220V LED string lights – the source has a simpler structure.

The layout of the power supply also needs to be calculated, because the size of the LED light source is quite large, the size also increases proportionally to the capacity of the source.

Application of 12V, 24V LED Strip

Application of 12V, 24V LED Strip
Application of 12V, 24V LED Strip

If we talk about the application of 12V led string lights or 24V led string lights, it can be said that this is a lamp that has a relatively wide application in human life. Some applications of lights in life.

  • Use decorative 12V LED string lights everywhere from indoor to outdoor, from narrow space to large space. They can apply in many different fields such as home lighting, interior decoration, bonsai, street decoration.
  • Use 12V LED string lights in the ceiling of hotels, shops, karaoke bars, facades of buildings, billboards, or advertising lightboxes. To make a house, a street, a shop more sparkling, it is impossible without this type of lamp.
  • Types of LED string lights with 12V or 24V current are commonly used in interior decoration of places such as car decoration, interior lighting of beauty salons, electronic stores,… Especially those Corners require lighting and small, narrow spaces. This type of lamp was chosen because of its good light, beautiful, eye-catching colors, and relatively high durability. On the other hand, this type of lamp is extremely energy-saving and not too expensive.

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How to install 12V and 24V LED strip?

How to install 12V and 24V LED strip
How to install 12V and 24V LED strip

Here we will specifically refer to the 12V type. You can do the same for 24V LED strip. Here’s how to install it and a few tips.

  • If it’s a monochromatic 12V LED strip, you don’t need to use a color controller. Just a very simple operation is to use pliers or scissors to cut the plug of the led cord power supply. Take the two ends of the LED coil after separating and stripping the shell and connecting to the positive and negative terminals of the power supply.
  • If it is a DC source, you should test it, check the power, if it is not light, you must change the polarity of the plug. Once it is ok, you can use insulating tape to fix the connector for safety.
  • If it is a color-changing 12V LED, it is necessary to use a color controller. The connection is also very simple because, at this time, you do not have to cut the wire, but just plug the plug and it is completed. However, you need to pay attention to the power supply so that the current is always stable. Thus, the new lamp is bright enough, does not burn, and gives high durability.
  • When you use 12V LED string lights to decorate a car or even a motorbike, you can immediately take advantage of the power from the vehicle’s battery and do not need to use an additional power adapter.

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With the useful information we provide you about the 24V vs 12V LED Strip, you already know the reason why this lamp is being favored in the market. We hope that the information we provide will be of help to you. For more details about this lamp or other related questions, please contact us directly.